Event Pro’s Guide To Event Tech & Rental

Getting a good grip on rapidly and ever-changing event technology can be tough. Toss in some equipment rental pitfalls, and it’s not surprising why event planning is one of the most stressful jobs around. But worry not, this guide will help you better tame the event tech beast!

In the first section, we will look at how to find the perfect mobile app for your event, including how to evaluate options and app features from 3 perspectives: the attendees, sponsors, and yours.

The second section is all about event management software: its unbeatable benefits, important stuff to look for in the provider, and the essential features of a great all-in-one software.

Equipment rental can be tricky, but our third section will shed light on the basics including the most common of essential event equipment and how to choose the right rental company.

For the fourth section, we turn our attention to 6 event tech experts and their insights and predictions, taken from an interview and collaboration between COS Rental and Event Farm.

To top it all off, in the fifth section we will look at 3 awe-inspiring events in 2015 that made great use of tech.

To read the full guide, click here.


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