October 2015 Event Industry Blog Post Roundup

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October 2015 Event Industry Blog Post Roundup

This Month’s Roundup: Tradeshow Lessons From IKEA, Protecting Your Event Ideas, And Tech Innovations To Keep An Eye On

Our October round-up has a lot of good ideas for event professionals to take away: from IKEA’s customer experience tactics, how to protect your creative ideas, to solid catering advice from a seasoned pro and more.

Enjoy this month’s best reads!

The Conference Lecture Paradox

Many attendees swear by lectures – touting them as the holy grail of many conferences. But here’s the problem: science-backed evidence shows that they retain very little from these sessions. Make sure your conference lectures make a lasting impact to attendees by fostering learning. Read this post by Jeff Hurt and be sure to also check out the idea-filled articles at the end of the post.

What Trade Shows Can Learn from IKEA

The Swedish company IKEA boasts about 5 football fields of store space, repeatedly visited by 700 million people every year. Exhibit marketing strategist Marlys Arnold is impressed by the IKEA experience. And in this post, you’ll discover how you can apply IKEA-approved tactics for providing excellent customer experience at your next tradeshow: from pre-planned traffic flows, a mobile tool that tracks items of interest and their location, to map signs and more.

Don’t let them steal your stuff! How to protect your creative ideas

“How do you protect your ideas when pitching them to clients?” Tami Forero is often asked this question when traveling and speaking at conferences. Terrible stories idea-stealing by potential clients are real – and you better protect yourself from falling prey to such practices. Learn how a non-disclosure agreement can safeguard your creative ideas and vision.

5 New Tech Innovations for Events

Technology is rapidly progressing, showing no signs of slowing down. ABCey looks at 5 promising technological advances, and how they can help create better events: efficient data transfer, better networking opportunities for attendees, and more!

How Much Food To Order For An Event

People always remember the food served at an event and will continue talking about it even months after the gathering. And as an event professional, it’s up to you to plan what to serve your 50, 100, or 1000 attendees – and how much. Watch this video from Event Planning Blueprint, and make sure your catering needs are taken care of by answering 6 questions.

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