July 2015 Event Industry Blog Post Roundup

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July 2015 Event Industry Blog Post Roundup

The warmer months are upon us and the event industry is sure to enjoy greater activity. Our top event industry posts for the month will show you how to make an exhibit greener, keep your guests comfortable while outdoors, enjoy business travel more and lower stress, plus a ton more.

5 Ways to a Greener Exhibit

Events and tradeshows especially are known for several environmental setbacks, massive carbon footprint being the most popular. The need for green and sustainable events are greater than ever – and this post shows you 5 simple yet proven-to-work green practices when exhibiting at a tradeshow.

Summer Entertaining: 4 Tips to Keep Guests Comfortable Outdoors

The warm months of summer are here – and outdoor events are popular again unsurprisingly. With attendees out in the open, providing guest comfort becomes even more important. Learn how to ensure everyone is having a good summer with these 4 tips to keep guests comfy outside.

Travel Fatigue? 5 Tips to Keep You in Shape

Event professionals travel constantly. Many believe that it is glamorous and fun-filled, to which Andrew Maxwell can only say, “Really?” Traveling should not scare you off of course, and it can indeed be rewarding…if you can stay in shape and keep the stress levels down. Here are 5 helpful tips.

What Eventprofs Can Do To Create Meaningful Experiences For Attendees

You don’t want your tradeshow or exhibit to be just “another” event. You want your attendees to walk away with a meaningful experience and keep talking about the spectacle, looking forward for more. This summary of BizBash’s Event Innovation Forum looks at 8 ways to inspire you to create that event that leaves participants fulfilled.

Effective, High Impact Leaders Attack Established Conditions

Maintaining status quo is comfortable, you just follow what everyone else is doing. But bringing your events organisation together and setting a trend? That takes serious leadership! This post shows you the traits of effective and forward-thinking leaders that can realize an organisation’s full potential.

Why Fortune 500 Companies Are Hosting Holiday Parties In Summer

Fortune 500 companies take their employees outdoors in the hottest season of the year with summer holiday parties – and for good reasons. Discover 7 reasons why you should consider hosting a summer holiday party for your employees, even if you’re yet to break into the Fortune 500 list.

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