February 2015 Event Industry Blog Roundup

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February 2015 Event Industry Blog Roundup

How to Start an Event Planning Business From Home

Want to start an event planning business while maximizing productivity and keeping your costs to a minimum? Start from home! Becki Cross gives us a quick guide to the perks, challenges, and essential steps to starting a home-based event planning biz.

How to Engage Millennials in Meetings

Millennials are loosely described as those individuals who were born from the 1980’s to 2000’s. More millennials will break into executive positions in the next decade – making them the primary clients of event and meeting professionals in the years to come. This post by Anne-Thornley Brown looks at the 5 different ways to engage millennials in meetings – and make sure they come back for more!

Emotional Experiences Can Drive Event Sales

‘People buy on emotion and justify with logic’ – that saying has been tossed around a lot but one can’t deny the truth in it. Jeff Kirk of Corporate Magic, Inc. looks at the power of emotional experiences – why they work especially at meetings and events and how you, the event professional, can take advantage of them.

11 Steps for How to Handle a Customer Complaint at Your Event

You can put your heart and soul into each event you organize and have an equally prepared team to work with – but customer issues and complaints are inevitable. It’s easy to lose your cool and return the ‘favor’ to the complainant but don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Take a deep breath and remember the 11 steps for handling customer complaints shared in this post.

How to Make Your Event More Green in 2015!

Going green is always a “work in progress” as more and more green technologies and methods are discovered – and Shane Shirley is kind enough to share 4 simple but effective ways to make your events greener.

Is There "Green" in Going Green

Companies still on the fence about sustainable events face one major roadblock: they can’t find the ‘green’ in going green! This seems like a valid concern: they’re running a business after all and turning a profit is priority number one…except that there’s actually a lot of ‘green’ to be made through eco-friendly and sustainable events. Read this post by Trevor Lui and be enlightened.

#EventPlannersTalk - Pricing Strategy - the MICE Blog

We would like to congratulate Irina and the rest of the gang behind #EventPlannersTalk on their first live event last February 24. Prior to the live event, Irina tackled pricing and linked to an interesting article about conference crashing – a growing trend especially in tech and startup events.

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