Top 20 Event Planning and Management Blogs You MUST READ!

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Top 20 Event Planning and Management Blogs You MUST READ!

Gone are the days when planning an event involved nothing more than setting up a venue, posting invitations, preparing the food, and waiting for your guests to arrive. Technology, social media and marketing have arrived and found their way into the events industry. Yes, it’s a lot more complex now but that also means a budding events professional has more tools and ideas at hand. Here’s a round up of our favourite event management and planning blogs that will help you along the way…

#1 Event Manager Blog

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a newcomer to the event planning industry, or somewhere in between, you’ll want to bookmark this blog because we’re sure you’ll revisit regularly. To put it simply, it covers just about every aspect of event management including…

  • How to use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and other social media tools to promote and create hype for an up-and-coming event
  • A array of tips and ideas on how to inspire fresh thinking during events, how to engage introverts, and the list goes on and on…
  • The latest news and reviews of the coolest and most useful event planning software and technologies

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg folks!

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#2 Velvet Chainsaw

Formerly, Velvet Chainsaw’s blog is teeming with easy-to-digest, instructive, and engaging posts on how to grow and transform face-to-face events. If you feel that you’re conferences and meetings aren’t bringing the results they should, head on over to this blog and get reading!

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#3 Events Management Student

“I’m a student, what do I know!?” The event industry – with all its intricacies and nuances – can easily overwhelm event planning students and newcomers to the scene. If you feel that way, I’ve got some good news for you: (1) you’re not alone and (2) this blog will surely help. It’s filled with excellent articles on ways to handle the pressure, tips and tricks for university freshers, and no-nonsense guides for job seekers in the events industry.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#4 EventJuice

What I like about the blog: It’s got 21 pages of blog posts – all of them well-researched, thought provoking, and very engaging. Looking for interviews with experts in the events industry? Check! Want an 8-step guide on wedding planning? They’ve got it. Need to know the anatomy of a world-class book launch? The blog has it covered!

What I don’t like about the blog: It doesn’t have any categories to help you wade through 21 pages of blog posts.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#5 Event And Conference

Written by Becki Cross, Managing Director of Events Northern Ltd., this blog’s content is nicely divided into categories so readers can sift through efficiently. It has sections for event management, marketing, venues, and technology. What’s even nicer is that each and every post they have is very detailed and insightful – drawing from Becki’s rich experience.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#6 Endless Entertainment

Started by a handful of college students, Endless Entertainment has transformed into an all-inclusive event production service that has catered to big organisations like Target, American Cancer Society, and Autism Speaks just to name a few. Their blog is oozing with management and planning tips, inspirational pieces, as well as reviews and coverage of the biggest events around.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#7 Techsy Talk

At an initital glance Techsy Talk doesn’t look any different from other event management and planning blogs out there: it has the usual planning tips, reviews, advice from experts, etc. A closer look reveals that author Liz King has a lot more to offer than the usual stuff. For starters, it has a lot of cool and in-depth write-ups on how to use social media and technology for smooth and hassle-free event planning. If you want to stay on top of the trends, this blog is a MUST-read.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#8 BusyEvent Blog

The guys behind the mobile event platform BusyEvent and DataKeys are all about ‘Big Data.’ And it shows in their blog posts – almost always focused on how to gather event data and harness that information for better results. One post category that I really like is their “Event Industry Must Reads.” Every week, the brains and brawns at BusyEvent list the freshest and most informative articles published by experts in the event planning space.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#9 Experiential Marketing 2.0

Events are all about people and experience, and this blog by Ian McGonnigal (SVP of Client Strategy & Performance, Jack Morton) talks about how to use digital marketing to further enhance face-to-face events. I really like the tactics, strategies, and case studies laid out in the blog – teaching a thing or two on how to bridge the gap between marketers and brands and how to communicate and build relationships with your target audience.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#10 The MICE Blog

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions/Events – Put them all together and you’ve got MICE. This blog by Irina Trofimovskaya is built from top to bottom for event professionals. Many of her posts look at meetings and conferences that Irina attended – sharing her ideas, experiences, and discussions with other event professionals. Regular interviews along with business travel (venues, city guides, etc.) are also a part of the blog.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#11 Bonjour Events’ Fresh Event Tips

A part of Martha Stewart’s handpicked network of blogs, Fresh Event Tips has a lot of resources that you’d be hard pressed to find in other blogs like a Venue Finder, Hot Vendor Resource, downloadable event planning templates, and more. It’s more than just a blog – it’s a toolbox! Having said that, the blog has its share of nice, informative posts that a budding event planner or manager can learn from.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#12 Event Professional

This blog by Nikki Hird follows her journey as a young event professional – her trials, tribulations, ideas, experiences, and everything in between. In this blog, Nikki documents the events that she was a part of and those that happened in the industry. And one more thing, it covers a lot of foodie-related events, too!

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#13 Corbin Ball’s TechTalk Blog

Corbin Ball doesn’t have the fanciest looking blog around that’s for sure. But hey, don’t judge a blog by its homepage – Corbin Ball’s Techtalk Blog sure packs a lot of punch. While he does share meetings, tradeshows, etc. at TechTalk, it’s Corbin’s posts and ideas about event technology, software tools, and reviews that make up the majority of the blog…and boy they are really good!

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#14 Interactive Meeting Technology

There’s no need to guess as to what this blog is about. But while the blog’s name sounds basic and straightforward, the information you’ll find here provides a stark contrast – it’s detailed, easy to digest, and very informative for event planners. It has in-depth reviews, videos, and of course, tips and tricks for using event technology.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#15 BizBash

The blog’s layout looks absolutely jam-packed – and so is the info you’ll find on this blog. From using selfies at events, a slideshow of the best food ideas, to-the-point guides – BizBash has it all. And for good measure, they also tossed in directories for venues, suppliers, and even job openings for up-and-comers in the events industry.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#16 Successful Meetings

We’ve all been to a boring, unengaging meeting that doesn’t seem to provide any value at all. To make sure your meeting doesn’t fall under that category, there’s SM’s blog. From the latest news in the events industry, best practices and case studies, to technology solutions – you’ll find it all here.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#17 Special Events

This has to be one of the most comprehensive blogs in the events space with sections on catering, décor, event tools and types, venues, and more. Whether you want to catch up on the latest trends in the events industry, look into the finer details of what makes a good wedding cake, or grab some nice décor ideas, Special Events’ blog has something sure to interest you.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#18 Weditorial

Wedding planners – if you’re yet to bookmark or subscribe to this blog, do it now! Written by Elisa Delgardio (Certified Special Event Planner), Weditorial is packed with creative ideas that will add more life and flavor to your events. Considering an Edgar Allan Poe-themed party? Yes, you’ll find it here!

Blog Post We LOVE:

#19 Belvedre Events & Banquets

This blog is not quite right for event professionals with years of experience under their belts, but if you’re a bride planning your own wedding or new-starter in the in the industry, Belvedre’s blog is an excellent starting point.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

#20 Preston Bailey’s Blog

When it comes to creating theatrical masterpieces and coming up with awe-inspiring weddings and event designs, you can count on global icon Preston Bailey to deliver. While most of the posts are written by Kathy Romero (Director of Wedding Planning), her write-ups provide an insightful glimpse into the parties and events planned by Preston – his designs, wedding ideas, vendor reviews, and more.

Blog Posts We LOVE:

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