Short Term Photocopier Rental - Advantages & Uses

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Short Term Photocopier Rental - Advantages & Uses

Originally designed from the ground up to make copies of business and home documents, photocopiers today have come a long way. Not only are they capable of taking on large-scale copying projects, they can also create coloured and virtual copies, have email and scanning capabilities, and those are just to name a few. With this progress, however, comes an increase in cost.

When it comes to photocopiers, not every business needs one. Some rely on them heavily, others don’t have a need for them, and then there are companies in the middle. Those who don’t need one for regular / daily use, but require one for a short period of time. If you’re right in the middle, it doesn’t make sense to splash out on a brand new high end copier, that’s where our short term rental service comes in to the rescue.

IT & Financial Benefits Of Short-Term Photocopier Rental

Easier IT Lifecycle Management: It is well-accepted that IT assets like photocopiers don’t appreciate. On the contrary, they depreciate…and they do so faster than other assets you’ve purchased. You have to manage every phase of its lifecycle – from procurement, deployment, maintenance, and all the way to retirement. With a short-term photocopier rental however, the rental company will manage the equipment’s lifecycle – reducing your maintenance costs and increasing your service’s quality.

On-Site Maintenance & Support: As mentioned in the bullet point above, maintenance and upgrades are part of a photocopier’s lifecycle. For a business-owner, this could mean spending time and resources to keep that equipment up-to-speed…time and resources that could be used for things that directly affect the organisation’s bottom line. By renting a photocopier instead, you pass all of these responsibilities to the rental company. With on-site maintenance and support, you don’t even have to leave your office to get tech issues fixed.

Multifunctional: The latest photocopiers are multifunctional. They combine the features and functions of printers, PDF writers, scanners, fax machines, and even document managers. It makes perfect sense for an organization to upgrade all of these in one transaction / rental contract rather than spending more money and time upgrading separate, outdated equipment.

Better Return On Investment (ROI): While this isn’t true for renting equipment and tools that have long lifecycles, this is almost always the case for photocopiers. Whether you choose to buy or rent one instead, the goal stays the same: You want the photocopier to increase your document production capacity, which increases your productivity as a whole. By choosing to rent, you position yourself to take advantage of the increased productivity and cost savings to take care of the periodic payments.

Conserves Your Cash Flow: A high-end road photocopier could cost as much as £3000 (including the toners and cartridges) and we’re not even taking the cost of future upgrades and maintenance into account. When you rent one however, there are no deposits or significant expenses to worry about. You free up a lot of funds that you can use or invest for appreciating assets.

When Do You Need A Multifunctional Photocopier?

Now, just because it’s a lot more affordable to rent a multifunctional photocopier it doesn’t mean you should. At the end of the day, you want to use your rented equipment to its maximum potential. It might be nice to know you have a photocopier than can create copies, print, scan, and even email. But if you’re not using all of those functions, what’s the point of having them!?

So before taking any steps or signing any rental contract, sit down and look at your business needs…specifically look at your current document production and the up-and-coming demand. While the needs and demands of organisations vary, there are a couple of things you should keep an eye for when thinking about renting a photocopier:

  • How many document copies do you need to make? If you need to make 700 copies (or more) of a document, renting a high-speed, multifunctional copier makes perfect sense. Less than that, you may want to look at renting or buying a smaller desktop printer or multifunctional laser printer.
  • Do The Features Match Your Needs? Modern copiers offer many features found in other IT equipment, and you want to make full use of each of those. If for example you have a mobile workforce, it might make sense to rent a photocopier that doubles as a document manager – allowing you to update your on-the-go staff real-time and vice versa.

Not all businesses need a multifunctional / top-of-the-line photocopier. Some however (especially those within the events industry) really need one. If you find yourself working or preparing for:

…Call COS Rental to inquire about our multifunctional photocopiers for rent. The common denominator in the scenarios presented above is that they all need increased short-term document production capabilities. If a task or project you’re working on doesn’t belong to the short list above but still ticks the right boxes, you’ll be pleased to know that our inventory of top-tier photocopiers are just a phone call away!

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