A Quick Guide To Hiring The RIGHT Equipment For Your Conference

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A Quick Guide To Hiring The RIGHT Equipment For Your Conference

Conferences – they’re one of the tried and tested tools that businesses use to educate their audience; generate brand awareness; stir up interest and entice investors; and those are just to name a few. You want your conference to be a success, and you need the RIGHT equipment to get you there.

Planning Your Event Or Conference

You don’t want to just lash out – send out invitations to guests, hire staff members, and rent a ton of audio / visual and IT equipment. You want to have a CLEAR idea of what you want to happen in your conference; the response you want to get from the audience; and how exactly you should do it.

Start by defining your company’s conference objectives and develop your vision for the event. Is it for your employees and your aim for the conference is to provide some relaxation? Is it to impress prospective investors with the new smartphone app or business tool that you just developed? Perhaps it’s to educate your target market regarding your latest research and how your products and services could be used to their advantage?

By mapping out your objectives and vision, you’ll have a clearer idea of what IT and A / V equipment you need to hire or rent to get you there.

Following that, sitting down and thinking about how you can create a customized, unique experience for your attendees is next on the list. You don’t want a lukewarm conference – one that got the basics right (ex.: provided entertainment; had a good enough location, etc.) BUT didn’t really offer anything new or exciting in terms of experience. You want your target audience and attendees to leave with a positive impression about your company and what you offer.

Do you need increased document production to handle the HIGH demand for your leaflets and brochures? If so, hiring a fleet of multi-functional printers and top-of-the-line copiers should be one of your priorities.

Perhaps you want to impress them with your interactive and graphics-rich presentation? If that’s the direction you want to steer your event to, getting high-definition audio / visual equipment like our 42-inch COS Pod is in order.

Technology is a wonderful thing – always on the move forward…making just about any task ABC-easy. But at the end of the day, PCs, copiers, printers, and A/V equipment are just tools. It’s your job to make the most out of them. Oh! And one last reminder for the planning phase, don’t forget to write down every detail and idea that comes to mind!

Time To Budget

Just like any business venture, running a conference requires significant monetary investment. Once you’re done with the planning phase and have a good idea of what equipment you need to run the event successfully, it’s time to create a budget.

Now, a budget has two faces: expenses and income. While expenses cannot be eliminated from the equation, it can be minimized significantly – and this is where ‘COS Rents 4 Events’ comes to your aid. Let’s say, after thorough calculation and planning, you concluded that, for your conference to be a success, you need:

  • 20 high-performance laptops
  • 5 multi-function printers and 5 heavy-duty copiers
  • 5 42-inch interactive displays and 5 21-inch flat-screen, high definition TVs

Imagine buying ALL of those, brand new. Your expenses for the conference equipment alone could cross the 6-figure mark. That’s A LOT of money, and it gets even harder to convince yourself or your boss to approve the projected budget when you realize that these PCs, copiers, interactive displays, etc. will be obsolete 12 months from now.

That’s precisely the reason why hiring from a company like COS Rents 4 Events makes PERFECT sense. You get the technology you need to run your conference successfully – minus the bank-breaking expense.

As for the income part, write down the amount of money you expect to come in. If you plan to sell tickets, jot down how much of those you think you can sell. If you have a good idea of how you convert (looking at previous events), write that down, too.

Expect The Unexpected

The number one thing you should keep in mind when planning and managing a conference is this: “Expect the unexpected!” Regardless how well you planned the event and prepared ahead of time, something out of your control WILL happen. All it can take is a clumsy attendee to spill a drink, or knock your equipment off of your stand – and all of a sudden your mind is taken away from your show objectives.

Therefore it is a must to have experts and knowledgeable folks to back you up when these ‘accidents’ happen. In light of that, you want to hire your IT and A/V equipment from a company who provides ‘round the clock support. Nobody wants their presentation ruined by an accident that can’t be fixed because the support guys aren’t picking up the phone!

Fortunately, you don’t have to look high and low to find an event / conference equipment rental company that delivers NOT just the equipment you need BUT the support you’ll require along the way. Here at COS Rents 4 Events, we go beyond the usual 24/7 phone support.

  • If the problem can’t be fixed through the phone, we’ll send our engineers RIGHT away to get the job done. And they dress smartly, too!
  • You get proactive routine maintenance visits to ensure your large installations are ready to rock and roll at your conference.
  • You get the assistance of a highly-trained crew who can operate the laptops, printers, copiers, etc. that you hire from us even with their eyes closed (almost closed).

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