Exhibition News Awards 2014 Wrap-Up

Awards Screens

Last years EN Awards received over 200 nominations across 22 award categories which included Best Client Support, Best Venue Event Manager and Best Supplier To Organizers. Last years winners were greeted with cheers and applause by the 800 people that attended the awarding ceremonies.

The 2014-edition of Exhibition News Awards did not disappoint – and it’s safe to say that it even exceeded last year’s prestige. Choosing ExCeL London as the venue proved to be a smart move. Its location and space allowance was very well-suited to accommodate the celebrating crowd, which only grows bigger every year!

We worked alongside the guys at Showplans who provided their table plan software for the event, which was displayed on our very own COS Pod! It was a real honour to be involved.

COS Rents4Events caught up with Dan Edwards and here’s what he had to say about the event and COS’ involvement:

“Wanted to drop you an email to say a massive thanks to you and your team for everything you did towards the Exhibition News Awards.

We’ve had some superb feedback from the attendees and we couldn’t have brought this all together without the efficiency and expertise of your team.

Again, thank you so much, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

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EN Awards 2014 – The Winners
We could talk about how great the event was – the venue; the food served and the guests that entertained the crowd… But our coverage and wrap-up of the EN Awards 2014 should really focus on the stars of the show – the winners!

So ladies and gentlemen, here are the individuals, suppliers, and companies who have shown outstanding dedication to the UK’s event industry in the last year:

Pioneer Award
 – Phil Soar

Best Client Support
 – Penny Horner – Penny Banks

Best Venue Event Manager – 
Stuart Tomlinson – Earls Court

Best Venue Salesperson
 – Angela Perkins – Ricoh Arena

Best Newcomer – 
Kate Jackson – CloserStill Media

Best New Organiser Team
 – FIT Events – FIT Show 2013

Best Organiser Salesperson
 – Garry Tyson – CloserStill Media

Best Organiser Marketer – 
Sophie Baker – CloserStill Media

Best Organiser Operations Manager
 – Penny Law – CloserStill Media

Best Event Director – 
Julie Driscoll – i2i Events Group

Best Use of Digital
 – Excel London

Best Feature Area
 – Media 10 – Only Fools and Horses (Ideal Home Show)

Best Marketing Campaign
 – Olympia London

Best Employer
 – Business Design Centre

Best Supplier to Exhibitors
 – DB Systems

Best Supplier to Organisers
 – Showplans

Best Venue under 4,000sqm
 – Sandown Park

Best Venue – 
Excel London

Best International Launch
 – Cloud Expo Asia 2013 – CloserStill Media

Best international (non-UK) Venue
 – Amsterdam RAI

Show Rising Star
 – FIT Show 2013 – FIT Events

Best Brand Expansion
 – Health + Care 2013 – CloserStill Media

Best Consumer Show
 – Ideal Home Show at Christmas – Media 10

Best Trade Show
 – lunch! 2013 – Diversified Communications UK

And now, here are a few words from COS Rents4Events’ Victoria – who assisted from the COS Rental side to help things run smoothly:

“To all the winners, congratulations on your awards! The UK’s event industry need more people like you. And for the folks who attended the awards night and celebrated with us, thank you very much as well. I would like to give a special mention to Simon at Showplans who won the Best Supplier To Organizers Award. Very much deserved!”

If you would like to learn more about the COS Pods that were on use at the awards, please give us a call on – 0845 200 4082

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