Exhibition News Awards 2014 – Are You Ready?

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The events management industry has no shortage of amazing people and organizations – those who you can count on to go the extra mile to deliver the greatest shows and festivals; find the best venues; and provide outstanding support.

This year, the Exbihition News Awards will return to the stage to recognize the industry’s best shows; most amazing venues; and the leading individuals who made them happen. Last year’s edition of EN Awards saw 200 nominations across 22 categories with over 800 people attending the awards night held at ExCeL London.

This year, the Exhibition News Awards will showcase 23 nomination-based categories. Here are just some of the categories returning to the podium:

Best Client Support
At the events industry, the importance of customer service cannot be overstated. Meet customer expectations and keep our clients happy – that’s what we all aim to do. This award puts the spotlight on that one person who raised the bar in the customer service department – going beyond the call of duty in the name of customer satisfaction!

Best Venue Event Manager
Even the most thorough event plans and marketing campaigns will fall flat on there face without a great venue…which is why we are thankful for venue event managers who work ‘round the clock to ensure an event’s success at their venue.

This award celebrates the contribution of that one venue event manager who has shown operational excellence; dedication to customer satisfaction; unparalleled industry knowledge; and the courage to innovate and break new ground.

Best Venue Salesperson
While venue managers oversee an exhibition or event on their venue, venue salespeople are the gears that drive the event to profitable heights. The “Best Venue Salesperson” award highlights the efforts of a venue sales manager who has gone the extra mile to guarantee the success of events and exhibitions at their venue while growing their profile.

Best Organiser Salesperson
2013 was a year highlighted by numerous consumer and trade exhibitions. This award honors that one team member who has surpassed the standards and their peers when it comes to sales – combining hardwork, market expertise, ingenuity, and calm headedness even under immense pressure to repeatedly hit and exceed targets.

To make the EN Awards 2014 even bigger than ever, new categories have been added to the roster of awards like:

•    Best Organiser Marketer
•    Best Newcomer
•    Best Feature Area
•    Best Marketing Campaign

COS Rents4Events’ Victoria Sikopoulis Nominated For Best Newcomer Award


Every company has the one team member – a new comer – who has immense promise and quickly elevates themselves from employee to invaluable teammate. EN Awards 2014’s Best Newcomer Award recognizes the importance of bringing in fresh, innovative talents into the events industry, and we are very happy to announce that our very own Victoria Sikopoulis has been nominated for the Best Newcomer Award.

Working as a rental manager for COS Rents 4 Events, Victoria’s knowledge and expertise were instrumental for successfully launching our COS Pod; strengthening our partnership with ShowPlanner; and more.

To Victoria, we here at COS believe you have what it takes to bring back the award, and we are VERY proud of you! Furthermore, Richard Kao, also from COS Rents4Events, will present the award for EN Award’s “Best Organizer Sales Person.”

The EN Awards 2014 is poised to be Exhibition News’ biggest and most prestigious awards night yet, so be there!

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