The COS Pod - Revolutionising Your Marketing

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The COS Pod - Revolutionising Your Marketing

What comes with a 42-inch display; awesome computing power; and an intuitive interface? The answer: it’s the COS Pod.

When it comes to impressing your customers and delivering a presentation in style, you have a lot of choices. BUT few choices make as much sense as the 42” COS Pod. Now, you can showcase your newly developed apps; engage and market to your audience; and present your business ideas at a whole new level!

For many of our clients, this meant increased audience engagement during meetings and seminars; better conversion rates during product demos and marketing initiatives; and those are just a few of the benefits.

Armed To The Teeth To Deliver Amazing Display

The COS Pod delivers MORE than just high definition display. Combined with…

  • High brightness that lets you showcase your content clearly and with style
  • Anti-glare and anti-scratch surface to prevent damage to its screen
  • Fantastic touch technology that delivers the smoothest touch experience
  • Topped with a 4mm tempered glass

This giant, multi-touch tablet allows you to provide content (ex.: videos, slideshows, exhibit apps, etc.) to your target audience in the most immersive way possible!

It’s Not Rocket Science

In 2008, just over 9.2 million people were using touch screen phones. In 2009, those figures have sky-rocketed to more than 28 million. You can bet that these have increased to epic proportions by now. Yes, touch screen has revolutionized the way we use our handsets. It’s easy and very intuitive to use.

And with COS Pod, you get to enjoy the same ease of use! It doesn’t just look like a tablet, it REALLY is a tablet…only bigger and better. Zoom in and out of images with a stroke of your thumb and index finger; flip through pages of an e-book by sliding your finger; press the right buttons on your apps accurately – the COS Pod is so simple to use even a toddler could pull it off!

There’s no training or instruction required (although we’ll be more than happy to walk you through) to use COS Pod. Your audience and customers will spend less time trying to get a feel for it and more time enjoying and absorbing what’s on show.

Plus, with a fantastic visual look that will surely turn heads, you are guaranteed to steal the spotlight during conferences, exhibitions, and business presentations.

Amazing Computing Power

Yes, the COS Pod is very easy to use. But when it comes to computing power, this 42” baby is a BEAST! Coming with its guns blazing…showcasing a quad core i5 processor; 8 MB of RAM; topped with a True 1080 High Definition resolution, the COS Pod is designed from the ground up to deliver computing performance like a ‘top of the line’ computer.

Whether you are showcasing your newly designed business and productivity tool; delivering graphics-intensive presentations; or using a resource-heavy custom software, you can rest easy – knowing that COS Pod won’t let you down!

Fully Customizable

Here at COS Rents 4 Events, we understand that no two clients are the same, and that you want to add your brand’s identity to any equipment you use for business. That’s exactly what you get with the COS Pod. Fully customizable, you can:

  • Pick the color scheme you like
  • Tweak the design to suit your display demands
  • And add your company logo and brand name

What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in the COS Pod. BUT more importantly, our clients love it, too! Here’s what one of them has to say:

“While using the COS Pod giant tablet to showcase our ShowplannerMobile App, we have been impressed not only with the sleek look and feel of the tablet, but also the ease with which we were able to get our app working on it and the intuitiveness of use – the great innovation of this device is that the app can be used exactly the same as it would be on a mobile phone or tablet, with multi-touch control, fast and smooth responsiveness and a fantastic visual look, with no loss of image quality despite the size of the display.

Beyond this, the price is more than reasonable and the service from Victoria and the team in getting the display up and running and ensuring our satisfaction has been second to none. We look forward to working with COS again and again in the future to help us enhance our marketing efforts and support our quality brand image.”

Now, don’t take our word for it. Shoot us an email to learn more about COS Pod; see it in action; and witness what it can do for you and your business!

Call us on 0845 200 4082

"COS's flexible and 'can-do' approach has allowed us to offer a reactive service to our clients where even last minute requests such as weekend or after working hours equipment rental requests are no problem"

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