Photocopier Rental - Why It Makes More Sense Than Buying A Brand New Unit

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Photocopier Rental - Why It Makes More Sense Than Buying A Brand New Unit

“Why rent when you can buy your own?”

While buying your own photocopier has its share of advantages and benefits, MORE and more companies across the country are switching to photocopier rental services for their document printing and copying needs.

And if you’re wondering why, the following reasons will surely convince you!

Get The Photocopier You Need, When You Need It!

Your business may not need a heavy-duty copier most of the time. However, when you need to step up your document copying capabilities for a short period of time, calling COS Rents4Events to rent a photocopier makes much more sense than spending 4- to 5-figures on a brand new model that you won’t have much use for later on.

And since equipment rentals are 100% tax deductible and are written off as operating expenses, you can easily and quickly get the approval and funds needed to cover the photocopier rental fees.

Affordable And Easy On The Pocket

If buying a brand spanking new photocopier entails heavy capital expenditures, signing a rental agreement with a photocopier rental company means you only have to put up with a fixed daily or monthly cost. The rental expense, in turn, can be assigned to your monthly or yearly budget.

Even better, a rental agreement usually includes installation, maintenance, and support. Sometimes, it even includes training for your employees especially if you are planning to rent the photocopiers for a long time. Yes, when it comes to keeping your capital expenditures to a minimum, a photocopier rental service will almost always beat buying a brand new unit!

Flexible Rental Terms

Flexibility is one of the BIGGEST reasons why renting a photocopier is a HUGE hit for businesses of all sizes!

Whether you’re looking to rent photocopiers for a one-day event or for a long term (12 to 60 months), good photocopier rental companies like COS Rents4Events can cater to your specific needs.

Save On Maintenance And Setup

This was mentioned in passing BUT it’s worth emphasizing: When you rent the photocopier if your choice from COS Rents4Events, you can rest easy and forget about the maintenance and setup necessary. We’ll take care of the leg work for you. And with our professionally-trained technical support team and knowledgeable engineers, a phone call is all it takes to fix any technical hiccups related to the photocopier.

So as a recap: you save money on maintenance, setup, and repair costs; you get access to our team of technical support professionals; topped with TOTAL peace of mind (that’s priceless!). What more can you ask for!?

COS Rents4Events – The Photocopier Rental Company That Ticks All The Boxes

Whether you are looking for…

  • High Volume Colour Photocopier/ Printer & Scanner
  • High Volume Mono Photocopier/ Printer & Scanner
  • Mid Volume Colour Photocopier/ Printer & Scanner
  • Mid Volume Mono Photocopier/ Printer & Scanner
  • A4 Multi-Functional Desktop Printer/ Copier & Scanners

…You can count on COS Rents4Events to have the right photocopier to cater to your specific business needs. To make the deal even sweeter, our equipment operatives who are professionally trained to use, install, and remove ALL of our rental equipment, you are relieved of the burden of training your employees!

Get a quote from us, and we’ll get back to you in 20 minutes or less! Let’s map out a rental agreement that caters to your specific photocopying needs.

Call us on 0845 200 4082

"COS's flexible and 'can-do' approach has allowed us to offer a reactive service to our clients where even last minute requests such as weekend or after working hours equipment rental requests are no problem"

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