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COS Rents 4 Events - The Printer Rental Company That Cares

With printer costs dipping and warranties getting even better, you might be wondering: “Why on earth would I need a printer rental service for my business? It makes a lot more sense to just get one!”

To be honest, it all boils down to your specific business and printing needs. If you have the financial power to buy a fleet of heavy-duty, multifunctional printers (and they’re very expensive by the way), go for it! However, if you are:

  • Working on a one-time project that needs high-tech printers and very expensive ink
  • Attending to a project and your printer dies on you, and the replacement unit takes at least 2 weeks to get to you
  • Preparing for a business event that requires intense document production

…Calling a printer rental company to help you keep up with your printing and document production needs is your best bet! And with over 20 years of experience in the printer rental industry, you can count on COS Rents4Events to lend a helping hand…and give your business the printing power it needs!

When it’s up to you to produce thousands of documents and flyers for an up and coming exhibit; meet short-term BUT intense printing demands; or handle document production during unexpected emergencies, COS Rents4Events is the simplest and most effective choice for printer rental.

COS Rents4Events – The RIGHT Choice For Printer Rental!

Whether you need the printers onsite or offsite; for short or long term, our flexible printing solutions and printer rentals ensure that your document production is as smooth as possible. We’ve got the products and supplies backed by a well-trained staff to make your event or seminar special…even if it’s just across the street or across the country.

You can rely on our team of printing professionals with top-of-the-line and well-maintained printers for:

  • Business events like meetings, training seminars, tradeshows, and exhibitions
  • Periods of significantly increased workloads (ex.: year-end tax and financial reporting, federal audits, litigation, etc.)
  • Short-term printing needs (ex.: engineering projects, construction of new offices, etc.)
  • Reliably supporting your business recovery strategy after massive damages and emergencies (ex.: fire, flood, etc.)

Our Printers And Offerings:

  • A4 Color Printers with excellent printing capacity (min. of 36 pages per minute)
  • A4 Monochrome Printers that can copy, fax, and scan documents
  • A3 / A4 Heavy Duty Color Printers that can handle intensive print cycles
  • A4 Multi-Functional Desktop Printer that can handle copying and scanning jobs

And just in case you’re wondering, COS Rents4Events goes beyond providing the printers you need!

For starters, we don’t rely on external carriers or outsourced crew to handle your printer rentals. Our dedicated and well-trained staff will handle everything from delivery, installation, to removal of the printers. And with our ‘live tracking’-powered vans, you can count on COS Rents4Events to deliver your printing equipment when you need it and where you need it!

And should you need to connect the printers to a network of PCs and servers, you’ll surely love our one-hour, free of charge network installation.

PLUS, our proactive engineers; on-site technical support team; operators; and 24-hour service cover ensure that you don’t experience any interruptions!

Give us a phone call or shoot us an email. Let us cater to your printing and document production…and ensure that your event or seminar ROCKS!

Call us on 0845 200 4082

"COS's flexible and 'can-do' approach has allowed us to offer a reactive service to our clients where even last minute requests such as weekend or after working hours equipment rental requests are no problem"

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