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COS Rents 4 Events - The Computer Rental Company That ROCKS!

Want to have cutting-edge computers and laptops for an upcoming business event…without sucking your company’s finances dry? Yes, it’s possible! Thanks to COS’ computer rental services, you and your team can get your hands on the BEST, top-of-the-line laptops and desktop computers available without straining your pocket.

In this day and age of rapidly changing technology, forking out top dollar for machines that will perform below par within 12 months just doesn’t make a lot of sense anymore. That said, not all computer rental services are created equal…you have to be just as picky as if you’re buying a new machine.

Here’s a quick guide to help you find the RIGHT laptop and PC rental service that will cater to your company’s long and short-term technology needs:

Step 1: Know What EXACTLY You Need

If you need to rent computers for an up and coming event or business exhibit, start by calculating how many people you expect to attend the event. Talk to presenters and instructors what laptops and technical specifications they need to make the event as smooth as possible.

  • Do you need top-notch processing and multitasking power?
  • How much hard drive space, RAM, and graphics power do you need?
  • Would your presenters prefer to have external monitors and mice?

In a classroom setting especially, it’s easier to give instructions to students or seminar attendees if they have the same machine and specs. To have better chances of getting the same type of laptops for your staff and attendees, inform the rental company as soon as possible!

Here at COS Rental, our warehouse has thousands of different laptops, desktop PCs, MACs, and tablets…making it EASIER for you to meet your event’s technology and specification requirements.

Whether you need heavy-duty, multi-tasking desktops; sleek and stylish laptops such as Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple PowerBook; ultra-portable devices like tablets and iPads; or all-in-ones like the Apple IMac, you can count on COS Rent4Events to deliver the computing power you need in short notice!

Step 2: What Software And Application Suites Do You Need?

Aside from hardware requirements, it’s just as important to know what software and application suites you need for your exhibits and presentations. Ask what operating system and other programs need to be loaded on each PC or laptop.

Do you need the latest version of Microsoft Office? Are your presentations graphics-heavy, and would require the full Adobe Suite? What about accounting and financial programs?

On the other hand, if you need custom software that the PC rental company doesn’t provide, ask if it’s possible to get a test machine ahead of time so you can load ALL of the appropriate software components…which they can “ghost” and copy to the other machines.

Step 3: Test Drive And Spares

Check if the PC rental company provides spare machines in case one or more of the PCs malfunction due to hardware or software failures and incompatibilities. Before the event, get one of your instructors or presenters to test drive the machines to make sure they’re ready to rock and roll for your event.

COS Rent4Events – We’re More Than Just A Laptop / Computer Rental Company

With more than 20 years (and still counting) of experience in the PC rental industry, we know what makes a customer happy and satisfied! With our…

  • Smartly-dressed and talented engineers; on-site operators; and technicians standing by to assist you in the event of an ‘accident’
  • 24-hour service cover for your time- and mission-critical events
  • Proactive routine maintenance to ensure the laptops and PCs you get are in tip-top shape
  • In-house logistics and service team

…You can relax and focus all of your time and attention on your conference; sales and marketing training; tradeshow or exhibitions. Let us handle your PC/laptop and equipment needs. Give us a call now, and we’ll make sure you have a GREAT event that leaves lasting impressions!

Call us on 0845 200 4082

"COS's flexible and 'can-do' approach has allowed us to offer a reactive service to our clients where even last minute requests such as weekend or after working hours equipment rental requests are no problem"

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